About Biostep

“Every customer is different, and so is the comfort that you wear on your feet. For us it is essential that every step counts and that it is full of comfort”

At Biostep we place an emphasis on quality as one of our fundamental objectives. Each and every one of the pairs we manufacture are totally handmade although assisted by the latest technology to make the finish of our shoes resistant, durable and of a quality difficult to match.

Thanks to the use of special conglomerate which covers our shoe insoles, walking in Biostep shoes could not be easier. The use of flexible, padded and anatomic material provides great rest for the feet of both young and adults alike.

The headquarters of Biostep is located in Elche, province of Alicante (Spain). A worldwide reference in the footwear industry that has allowed us to have great professionals specialised in the manufacturing of handmade shoes.