Our firm, Pedro Iniesta S.A. along with our “BIOSTEP” logo, after a long journey of more than thirty years in the footwear world, continues the path started by our founder D. Pedro Iniesta Moreno, who at the beginning and, after arduous investigations with cork was aware of the many advantages and benefits of this material for use in footwear, which gave rise to our “BIOS” flagship, the most representative product of our company and we, as successors, are now proud to continue the high quality and durability of both this product and others that have always been made by a hundred percent Spanish labour.

Ever since this firm was established in 1984, our greatest emphasis has been and is the conscientious work in the elaboration of a comfortable and lasting shoe which provides health and well-being. It was our founder, D. Pedro Iniesta Moreno who knows the many advantages and benefits of cork as a material for footwear, which gave rise to our flagship, BIOS, a product we continue to manufacture and renew due to the great demand  that season after season our customers keep requesting. Throughout all these years we have expanded our range of products adapting them or creating them according to fashion and current trends, although, always giving priority to quality. From here we want to thank to the loyalty of our national and internacional clients who for us are already part of our team.